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It’s double the giggles and double the grins, and double the trouble if you’re blessed with twins!

Ahh newborn photography is my favorite type of photography but when i get to photograph twins it takes it up to a whole new level of fun.  What an amazing family and what an amazing set of twins.  Oh did I get to play around with them and have fun.  Mommy and Daddy were cool and allowed me to do and position them in any way I wanted it.  The photos came out amazing and I hope the parents and especially the GRANDMA enjoys them all 🙂

Newborn Photography by Alina Reznik

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  • Luka - Alina these twin photos are absolutely awesome. I love your work.ReplyCancel

In my newborn photography new york studio I get to play with some amazing newborns and their parents.  Freddie was a prince and I loved photographing him in his sleepy state.  I was able to position him in ways that are not possible when a baby is not sound asleep.  Freddie was out for most of the photo shoot.  Due to his parents co-operation we were able to capture some amazing moments.  I am very proud of what our combined efforts have allowed us to do.

I know I haven’t posted anything in a while and I have a whole set of blogs to catch up with but I hope the parent’s patience will pay off with me providing some amazing photographs for them to remember.

Loved him and his parents…<3 Beautiful baby boy.

Some of the props used during this photo shoot can be purchased at our new store

Newborn Photography New York

newborn photography new yorkPINIMAGEnewborn photography new yorkPINIMAGEnewborn photography new yorkPINIMAGEnewborn photography new yorkPINIMAGEnewborn photography new yorkPINIMAGE

newborn photography new yorkPINIMAGE

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Being a Newborn Photographer New York I get to meet a lot of different newborns and their parents.  Each individual photo shoot is unique in its own way.  This particular photo shoot was no exception I had an absolutely awesome time photographing this little angel.  Every single pose I wanted to capture I captured.  Xavier was a perfect model and he allowed me to experiment with some of my new photography props.

Some of the blankets I used can be found at

Newborn Photographer New York

Newborn Photographer New YorkPINIMAGENewborn Photographer New YorkPINIMAGENewborn Photographer New YorkPINIMAGENewborn Photographer New YorkPINIMAGENewborn Photographer New YorkPINIMAGENewborn Photographer New YorkPINIMAGENewborn Photographer New YorkPINIMAGENewborn Photographer New YorkPINIMAGE

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New York Newborn Photography landscape is a busy one with a lot of photographers to chose from.  That is why when customers chose my art form my creativity goes into over drive.  I try my best to come up with new positions and ideas for my sessions.  When parents allow me to experiment the photographs take on a whole new level.

I particularly loved photographing this little girl, we played dress up with ton of outfits. It is really hard for me to chose my favorites image this time, because I loved every single photo!

She was  a great model and worked well with us.

Some of the props used in this photo shoot are available for sale at

New York Newborn Photography

New York Newborn PhotographyPINIMAGENew York Newborn PhotographyPINIMAGENew York Newborn PhotographyPINIMAGENew York Newborn PhotographyPINIMAGENew York Newborn PhotographyPINIMAGENew York Newborn PhotographyPINIMAGENew York Newborn PhotographyPINIMAGENew York Newborn PhotographyPINIMAGENew York Newborn PhotographyPINIMAGENew York Newborn PhotographyPINIMAGENew York Newborn PhotographyPINIMAGENew York Newborn PhotographyPINIMAGE


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I got to work with an amazing mother to be in my New York maternity photography studio.  Ivette was a very patient and easy to work with type of a model.  She is absolutely stunning and I tried to capture that in my photography.

Loved photographing this gorgeous lady and I use these opportunities to improve my skills and let my imagination go wild.  Being a mother of two myself I know how difficult pregnancy can be for some people but Ivette carries in such way where it looks like its easy.

I wish you an easy delivery and hope to see you for a newborn session.  Please don’t forget to come before the baby turns 2 weeks old.

In this photo shoot i was experimenting with different shades and patterns.  Lately i like simplicity which focuses the subject matter on the person and not on the theme.  This is especially true in maternity photography sessions.

New York Maternity Photography

New York Maternity PhotographyPINIMAGENew York Maternity PhotographerPINIMAGEBrooklyn Maternity PhotographyPINIMAGEBrooklyn Maternity PhotographerPINIMAGEStaten Island Maternity PhotographyPINIMAGEStaten Island Maternity PhotographerPINIMAGEMaternity Photographer New YorkPINIMAGE

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Alina Reznik  New York Baby Photographer proud to present Ethan a 10 month old baby boy.

As a New York Baby Photographer I get a lot of return clients and this family in particular has been at my studio on more than one occasion.  Love this family. Love when my clients keep coming back. <3

During our New York Baby Photographer session it was great to see Ethan interact with his surroundings.  I remember when Ethan was only several days old when they first visited my New York photography studio.  He was an adorable newborn which has now grown into an adorable Baby boy.  It’s great to see the progression and because of that our New York Baby photography session was a fun filled affair.  I hope to see the family for many more years to come.  This type of interaction drives my creativity and  improvement of my artistic abilities. Thank you!

Ethan’s dad is a car guy and that’s why part of the theme was around cars.  Ethan got his own Ferrari just for the photo shoot.  The personalized touches that are brought into the photo studio by the parents always creates unique ideas and photos that can be cherished for years to come.

I am proud of what we have accomplished during our session and I hope Ethan will enjoy these photos when he is older.

Alina Reznik New York Baby Photographer

New York Baby PhotographerPINIMAGEBaby boy is posed in a red Ferrari during a baby photography session in New York CityPINIMAGEMother and Daughter are hugging while being photographed during their Baby Photography Session in New York CityPINIMAGEMother and Daughter are playing around during a photography session by Child photographer Alina ReznikPINIMAGEMom and daughter are kissing as they are being photographer by Child Photographer in New York CityPINIMAGEMom and her daughter are sitting hugging each other as they smile at the camera during their children photography session in New York CityPINIMAGE

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Brooklyn Baby Photographer Alina Reznik is proud to present Aaron’s photography cake smash.

He destroyed that cake in seconds and it was extremely fun to watch that baby work.

Aaron did not really want to smile for the camera and we had to work really hard to get that smile out.  Our efforts have paid off and I believe our little baby photography session came out awesome!

I hope the parents enjoyed our little Baby Photography session and I hope to see this family again in the future.

Parents, I hope you like your previews!

Alina Reznik Brooklyn Baby Photographer

Beautiful family during a Brooklyn Baby Photography Session with Alina ReznikPINIMAGE

Brooklyn Baby PhotographerPINIMAGEBaby smeared his face with cake during a Baby Photography session in Staten Island New York photography studioPINIMAGECake is all over the baby after smashing the birthday cake for the photographer Alina ReznikPINIMAGEPilot themed setup with a baby sitting on a travel case wearing pilot hat and glasses during a Baby Photography Session in New York CityPINIMAGEBaby is sitting in a laundry basket surrounded by clothes during a themed baby photography session in Brooklyn, New YorkPINIMAGEPhotographer is trying to capture the sophisticated side of a baby boy as he is sitting in a chair surrounded by a toy background during a photography session in New York CityPINIMAGEBaby boy sitting on a ship rug wearing a jacket smiling for the cameraPINIMAGEIn a Cook Themed photo session baby is wearing a Chef hat and is holding a cooking pan while smiling for the photographer at the studio in New York, NYPINIMAGEChef baby is posing with vegetables and cooking pan and smiling during his baby photography session by Alina Reznik in New York CityPINIMAGE





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A beautiful mom-to-be….Had so much fun with this beautiful couple.

As a New York Maternity Photographer I get to work with some very cool people and Kimberly was one of those people that was easy to work with.  I really enjoyed this session for the fun filled afternoon and I hope it shows in the photographs.

Its always fun to work with easy going couples who are open to my ideas and are easy to pose.  Thank you for being patient and Kimberly I hope you pregnancy continues to be easy and I hope to see you guys for a newborn photo shoot.

Easy delivery to you, Kimberley!

Thank You

Alina Reznik New York Maternity Photographer

New York Maternity PhotographerPINIMAGECouple who are expecting their first newborn are posed behind one another during a Maternity Photo Session in AlinaPINIMAGEDuring a Maternity photo shoot a couple who is clearly in love is posing for the cameraPINIMAGEPhotographer stages a flowing dress during a Maternity session in her New York City studioPINIMAGEPhotographer positions a pregnant woman to make her belly stand out for the camera PINIMAGEBeautiful expectant mother is lying on the floor looking up at the camera during her Maternity session in a New York City studioPINIMAGEExpectant couple are posed on a sheep rug looking at each other and showing their lovePINIMAGE

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As a New York Newborn Photographer, newborns are my favorite type of photo sessions.  Newborn babies are very challenging and positioning them is an art form in itself.  Working with parents who remain calm through out the photo sessions not only improves the quality of the photographs we can take but also directly reflects upon the babies behavior.

I really enjoyed photographing this bundle of joy. Khumoyun was the chunkiest newborn baby ever, absolutely delicious! His parents were very easy to work with, they trusted me completely 🙂 and allowed me to pose their baby boy in any positions I wanted.

The fact that Khumoyun decided to cooperate with me helped in getting all the perfect photographs during his newborn photography session.  Khumoyun slept through most of the session with several breaks for some yummy milk 🙂

Guys, I hope you love your preview and I hope to see you all in the future to capture the precious moments that only come along once in a lifetime!

Alina Reznik New York Newborn Photographer

New York Newborn PhotographerPINIMAGENewborn baby boy posed with hands under the head to keep the head up while wearing a cowboy hat during a photography session by newborn specialist Alina ReznikPINIMAGEAlina Reznik a New York based newborn photographer positioned a Newborn swinging on a tree branch in a newborn hammockPINIMAGENewborn sitting in a Milk Jug wearing a Cow hat during a newborn photography session in a New York City photography studioPINIMAGEMother is holding her newborn baby boy during a photography session in New York CityPINIMAGErecently born baby boy is wearing classy rompers and sleeping on a rug while being photographed during his newborn photo session in New YorkPINIMAGEAlina Reznik posed a newborn to hold up its head while sleeping and wearing a sport cap in her New York Photography based studioPINIMAGEMother is holding a baby in between her arms during a posed session by Alina ReznikPINIMAGE

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My Brooklyn baby photography portfolio now includes my latest baby photo shoot which involved one very special baby boy.  Landen has been to my studio before and he was familiar with the environment thus allowing for one smooth and great photo session.

I always love seeing my clients come back over and over again as it only confirms that my hard work is paying off and people enjoy and appreciate what I do…Thank you for choosing my photography to capture these precious moments and I will only strive to continue to giving you the best I can. <3

If you look through my baby photography portfolio you will notice that I try not to repeat and think of new ways to pose.  I use little tricks with modifying the themes around babies behavior.  During photo shoots I try to find what really makes the baby interested because once they like something they relax and allow me to do my job.

Landen is a 7 months old active baby who was willing to pose and smile for me during those crucial moments when my camera was pointed at his face 🙂

Alina Reznik Brooklyn Baby Photography

Brooklyn Baby PhotographyPINIMAGEAn older sister is hugging her younger baby brother during a themed photography session by Alina Reznik in her New York City studioPINIMAGEMother is smiling at the camera while holding her eldest daughter in her hands while being photographed by Alina ReznikPINIMAGESister and baby brother are sitting next to each other looking directly at the camera during their photography session in Brooklyn, New York studioPINIMAGEPhotographer captures a beautiful baby boy smiling directly at the camera in her New York City Based photography studioPINIMAGELove themed photography session where the girl is sitting in a chair surrounded by different love themed objectsPINIMAGEBaby wearing a Mohawk hat is looking and smiling directly at the camera during his photography session in New YorkPINIMAGE




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New York Children Photographer Alina Reznik is proud to present Victoria

As a “New York children photographer” I enjoy seeing some of the kids grow from peanuts into real toddlers.  I remember Victoria when she was just a few days old.

Victoria has grown to be a big girl with her own personality and hew own way of doing things.  She was kind enough to allow me to take photos of herself as the parents played an important role of keeping Victoria entertained.

I chose to photograph Victoria in a very colorful setting as to match her outgoing and shiny personality.  The props were specifically chosen for this photo session and I believe it has helped to not only show her personality in a positive way but also show how can ordinary can be made extra ordinary :-).  Since it was around Valentines when we did this photo session I also have added some Valentine feel into the theme.  Our 17 month old princess was cooperative most of the time which made the photo shoot that much easier.

Even though kids over 12 months old are extremely difficult to photograph this one was an exception and I hope the parents will enjoy this little preview before I complete the rest of the photos.

In conclusion I would also like to say thank you to the parents for choosing my photography and continuing to come so we can capture all these precious moments together.  I hope when Victoria grows up and looks back at these photos she will be pleased with the choice her parents made 🙂

Alina Reznik New York Children Photographer

New York Children PhotographerPINIMAGEValentine themed photo session with a very serious baby girl looking at the camera.PINIMAGEBaby wearing a green hoodie during a photography session in New York CityPINIMAGEColorful themed baby photography session in New York CityPINIMAGEPINIMAGE


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As a Brooklyn Children Photographer I absolutely love cake smash sessions.  These are extremely fun and messy times but in the end not only do the babies enjoy it, the adults also get a good laugh.

Richard’s parents brought in a beautiful and colorful cake that had my favorite character Mickey on it.  Richard turned one and I bet this was part of his present 🙂

As a Brooklyn children photographer I always get to photograph cake smash sessions and I am lucky because I get to enjoy these moments over and over again.  I wish I was 1 again where I would be the one creating the mess.  I only get to clean up LOL.

As you also probably noticed I tried to create a Pilot theme around Richard.  I had hand knitted pilot hat with glasses created by one of my vendors.  The hat fit in perfectly with my airplane background and a travel case which I have been using in my other themes.  I think this theme is pretty cool and I hope everyone will like it.

I enjoyed this photo session very much and had fun with the baby and the parents.  Parents were easy going and easy to work with.  As I always say the easier the parents are the better the photo session.  Its all about the atmosphere.  If the parents are relaxed then the children are also relaxed.  That creates for a good working environment and usually we get very good photographs.

Happy Birthday Richard! I had so much fun capturing these moments! I hope your mommy will love these pictures as much as I do 🙂

Alina Reznik Brooklyn Children Photographer

Birthday Cake with MickeyPINIMAGEBrooklyn Children PhotographerPINIMAGEBrooklyn Children Photographer uses pilot theme to capture a photoPINIMAGEBrooklyn Children Photographer gets a close up of the pilot themed modelPINIMAGENew York Family PhotographerPINIMAGE

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What a session!!!!  I am still gushing with excitement.  As a Brooklyn Newborn Photographer I get all kinds of different people in my studio.  Most of my clients are amazing and interesting people.  This time however I got a Servicemen in my studio.  I wish I had more of the military and uniformed couples in my studio.  I enjoy creating these special memories and especially for people who are part of the reason I am in America and have had the freedom to start my photography business and thrive.

I was able to take some amazing photographs with Brayton and his dad’s uniform.  Those are absolutely my favorite photographs of the entire session.  Little Brayton has a lot to look up to as his dad is a good example to follow.

The photograph where the father in his full uniform is holding his son is priceless and is absolutely touching.  I can’t speak enough about how these personalized session create very unique, exciting and unforgettable photos that these little kids will appreciate when they get older.  I always encourage couples to bring their own flare into the photo sessions.  I am proud to have had the opportunity to capture this session and I hope that this brings in other servicemen in to my studio.

Loved working with this beautiful young couple. Brayton was just perfect, dream to work with 🙂

Alina Reznik Brooklyn Newborn Photographer
Brooklyn Newborn PhotographerPINIMAGEBrooklyn Newborn Photographer captures baby sleeping on daddyPINIMAGEFull Dressed Coast Guard officer holds his newborn baby during a Brooklyn Newborn Photographer sessionPINIMAGEBrooklyn Baby PhotographerPINIMAGEBrooklyn newborn Photographer Alina Reznik posed a sleeping newborn wearing old style hand knitted pantsPINIMAGEBrooklyn Newborn photographer positioned a newborn in a moon like crib with a starry backgroundPINIMAGEfetal position is the most natural position for a newborn to take placePINIMAGEPINIMAGEPINIMAGEPINIMAGE

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  • Stacey - These are so gorgeous!! What a lovely family!ReplyCancel

I am proud to add a new blog into my Brooklyn Maternity Photography portfolio

There are a lot of Brooklyn Maternity Photographers and I am very thankful that mothers to be chose my photography to capture these unforgettable experiences.  I take great pride in the fact that a lot of people look at my work and then chose to come and spend the day with me.

Each maternity session is different and requires a different approach.  I try to create a unique environment for every single one of my sessions.  I hope that all my hard work and research is actually transferred onto my work.  I always look for feedback from all my clients regarding what I can add into the mix.

Lola was a stunning expecting mom and I enjoyed working with her.  We were able to experiment while having fun doing what I love (Photography).  Thank you for being such a great model and I hope to see you back in my studio as soon as you have your newborn baby.

I would like to continue to stand out as a Brooklyn Maternity Photographer and hope to see clients come in with some of their own personal touches.  If you have something to suggest to make the photo shoot more personalized I am always open to ideas.  I tried to be unique and invest a great deal into new props and material.  Most everything you see in the photos comes directly from my collection of props.

Easy delivery to you Lola! I can’t wait to meet your addition <3

Alina Reznik Brooklyn Maternity Photographer

Brooklyn Maternity Photographer Alina Reznik captures a couple in her photoPINIMAGEBrooklyn Maternity PhotographerPINIMAGEBrooklyn Maternity Photographer captures a baby bump of a pregnant womanPINIMAGEFather kissing his pregnant wifePINIMAGE

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As a Staten Island newborn photographer I am glad 2013 is coming to an end.  This year New York has seen a lot of rebuilding and the mood has been somewhat reserved.  With all that said the last session of the year for me has been little Daniela a newborn who not only ended 2013 for me in an awesome and beautiful way but has also inspired the next year to be a positive, brighter and more productive year.

Daniela was an awesome model and our photo shoot flowed like water.  She was fully cooperative and allowed me to pose her any way I chose.  Her parents provided great support and we were able to do some amazing and lasting photos.

I know Staten Island newborn photographer are dime a dozen and i appreciate the parents for choosing my style and my artistic expression to capture these beautiful moments which can be appreciated for years to come.

My personal favorite photo out of this photo shoot is the 1st photo of the blog because of the colors and the little lip Daniela is giving me as she is soundly asleep.  WHAT AN AWESOME PHOTO SESSION to remember 2013 🙂

I hope you will love the preview <3

Alina Reznik Staten Island Newborn Photographer

Staten Island Newborn PhotographerPINIMAGEMother of a newborn baby girl is holding her during a newborn photography session in New York, New YorkPINIMAGEStaten Island Newborn PhotographyPINIMAGENewborn is sleeping peacefully inside a vintage stroller during a newborn photo session in New York CityPINIMAGEFather is holding his newborn daughter in his hands during a newborn photo shoot in Brooklyn New YorkPINIMAGENewborn baby girl is positioned in a wooden bowl during a newborn photoshoot in a New York studioPINIMAGEnewborn girl wearing a pink hat sleeping in a pink wool rug during her newborn session with photographer Alina ReznikPINIMAGEFather is holding his newborn daughter during their photo shoot in New YorkPINIMAGEbaby sleeping peacefully during her photo session in New YorkPINIMAGE


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I am always looking to get New Jersey clients to come more often and that is why I am excited to add another blog into my New Jersey newborn photographer portfolio.  My studio is located in Staten Island, NY and its just a stones throw away for the New Jerseyites to come and visit 🙂

This family has become a part of my family due to the amount of times they have come back into my New York photography studio to capture all their special moments.  This family just got an addition to their family in the form of a newborn baby girl.

Since this is baby number 3 for this couple they have become pros in a newborn photo session setting.  They came in all prepared.  We were able to take some awesome sibling photographs and then concentrate on Violet.  Now will all these kids the parents needed to juggle and appropriate their time accordingly.  A lot of respect goes out to this couple for adding another awesome person for me to photograph 🙂

I love it when clients return with their growing families.  A sincere congratulations on baby number 3!  Thank you for letting me document this important occasion.  Am I expecting another visit with baby number 4?  Time will only tell 🙂

Alina Reznik New Jersey Newborn Photographer

New Jersey Newborn PhotographerPINIMAGEOlder Sister and Brother are hugging their new sister during a newborn photography session in New YorkPINIMAGENewborn baby girl wearing a hand made crown posed while sleeping at her newborn photo session in New YorkPINIMAGENew Jersey Newborn PhotographyPINIMAGENewborn daughter is being hugged by her adoring mother while the photographer is taking photosPINIMAGEnewborn baby girl is sleeping in a handmade wooden bed surrounded by a pink hue while being photographed during her newborn photography session in New York CityPINIMAGEBaby is positioned in a fetal position inside a basket made to look like a bird nest.  Photo captured by newborn photographer Alina Reznik in New York CityPINIMAGE

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